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Engaging Training & eLearning Content: For Agencies (4)

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5 Ways Drone Video Can Impact Your Storytelling

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How Can Time Lapse Construction Video Sell Your Services?

If you don’t already know how effective video is in a marketing strategy, we’ve got news for you. Video converts better than just about anything else in your marketing toolkit.We..

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How to Sell More With Our Construction Time Lapse Service

Time-lapse video allows you to do more with less— in this case, you can take a months-long construction project and turn it into an easily-digestible two minute video. Watching an..

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NextThought Studios Nominated for an Emmy

At NextThought Studios, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our work and we’re delighted to say that our commitment to excellence has been noticed. We’ve been nominated for..

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4 Reasons Why Online Training Makes Sense for Modern Businesses

One of the best ways to ensure that a new hire is set up for success is to have an effective training process in place. Additionally, continuing education helps current employees..

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6 Benefits Our Agency Partners Enjoy

At NextThought Studios, we’re proud to offer high-quality white-label video services to our agency partners. After all, video is rapidly becoming the most effective way to get..

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10 Ways to incorporate video into your content marketing strategy

One of the fastest ways to improve your content marketing is to add video. Video gets results like nothing else. In fact, it’s so compelling that including video on a landing page..

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Total Gamechanger: Engaging Video Content

Video is overtaking the internet. Global consumer internet video traffic accounts for more than 80 percent of all internet traffic. 55 percent of people watch videos online every..

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