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Easily manage online learning for your association.

Your association needs a user-friendly way to share information and educate members with engaging and relevant learning content. The NextThought learning management system (LMS) integrates with your existing software and supports the kind of social learning that’s vital to helping an association thrive.

drag and drop

Drag & drop to create assignments & assessments.

The NextThought LMS for associations features drag and drop course and assignment building, plus a wide range of instructor led assessment types. If your association management needs a specific type of test for its members, work with your team of learning designers and developers to create custom assessments. We’ll help your association stay at the forefront of your field.

build courses (1)

Build your courses in our SCORM-friendly LMS.

You’ll discover that the NextThought LMS for associations is built to fully support the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) technical standards. Use the authoring tool to build SCORM right into your work so it merges seamlessly with other association learning systems. The LMS is flexible, with a lot of technical power behind the user-friendly interface your members see.


Integrate with iMIS, YourMembership, SalesForce, Stripe & more.

Need integration? If your association has existing programs and systems in place, the NextThought LMS can integrate with them seamlessly. We’ll help you implement the LMS solution right alongside iMIS, YourMembership, Salesforce, Stripe, and other content authoring tools. Smooth integration is important to us, and we’ll work with you to ensure it happens as easily as possible.


Work from your desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Here’s an important feature for the modern world: The NextThought LMS is web based, which provides freedom of use for your association. Conduct real time and online learning experiences for both members and nonmembers, no matter the device, location, or time zone. Your association can work collaboratively in a cloud-based, mobile-friendly format that supports diverse learning styles and provides the kind of reliable framework an association needs.

Why an LMS for your association?

Your LMS must suit your association perfectly. Everyone in your association is already wearing multiple hats, and you don’t have time to retrofit an LMS that’s not quite right. Plus an association is accountable to its membership as well as the community at large. Associations work with a wide variety of stakeholders to accomplish its mission and goals - always with the needs of its members at heart. With the right LMS, collaboration and information-sharing are always at the forefront of learning. Members feel welcomed and valued at every level of the experience.

Add value and member benefits.

Let’s help your members feel that your association offers benefits they can’t find anywhere else - in town, online, and around the world. The LMS for associations adds a tremendous amount of value to your organization. Your members can explore new educational and professional opportunities by browsing the offerings in the LMS. Association management can manage complex continuing education needs, build a deep archive of elearning content, and offer superior value for all of your association members.



Generate non-dues revenue.

Revenue is always on the mind of association management. Without fresh revenue streams, your association will struggle. Use your NextThought LMS for associations to find new and innovative ways to bring in non-dues revenue streams. You can conduct online webinars, hold member events, build audience through social media and community conversations, and help your association achieve CE credit and professional certifications needed for the field. Users simply add what they need to their shopping cart, which is built into the LMS.

Your LMS and your AMS should work together.

Don’t settle for an LMS that doesn’t work with your AMS. They should work hand in hand.

If you are looking to extend online learning to your community, attract new members, and refine your existing learning process, your association management system (AMS) and your learning management system (LMS) need to work together.

There are other companies that can sell you an integration, but how much time could you save if your LMS & AMS worked together like they were made for each other? NextThought's LMS for associations integrates directly with iMIS to make your association management more efficient.

We’re an LMS vendor that truly cares about merging your systems in an efficient, productive way.

A learning partner for your association.

We won’t sell you an LMS and disappear. We’re education experts and we’re in it for the long haul. You can count on NextThought to provide the kind of ongoing support and partnership required to achieve your online learning goals. Partner with us, and we’ll help you get the most out of your LMS and ensure it helps fulfill your vision, revenue goals, and membership needs. We care about helping your association further its mission.