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Easily manage onboarding, employee training, product training and more.

The NextThought business learning management system (LMS) is specially designed to merge an earning environment with a learning environment. Teach your employees about new products, welcome new workers into the fold, and keep everyone in your organization educated and engaged.

drag and drop

Drag & drop to create assignments & assessments.

It’s easy to develop corporate learning and training materials with NextThought LMS software. Use a drag and drop function to create courses, assignments, and assessments. If you need custom assessments for your field of work, our team of learning designers can create them for you.

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Build your courses in our SCORM & Tin Can (xAPI) friendly LMS.

The NextThought LMS is built to fully support the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) technical standards and Tin Can (xAPI) experience. This is the healthcare LMS that blends seamlessly with other systems and platforms, fostering collaboration, learning, and healthcare excellence.


Work from your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

In today’s fast-paced environment, everything is mobile-first. The NextThought healthcare LMS stands out among healthcare e-learning companies because it was built with mobile in mind. And it works just as smoothly on other devices: laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and more.


Get custom analytics and flexible reports.

This LMS has a back end that can both pull and build custom reports. Analytics and reporting are fully integrated into everything you do. Build new programs based on solid analytics about your healthcare organization, and use this data to meet long-term goals no matter how challenging.

Why an LMS for corporate training?

If your employees’ eyes glaze over at the thought of training, it’s time to shake things up. With the business LMS and corporate training experiences from NextThought, your employees will discover a refreshingly modern and tech-infused experience that’s enjoyable, effective, and memorable. They’ll find it much easier to learn and retain information - and that’s good for business.



Save time.

Train your company’s employees productively, without wasting time. The corporate LMS is collaborative and fosters the kind of communication it takes to build positive and productive teams. Train quickly and test efficiently. Outshine your competition with the best-trained employees in the market.

Save money.

Corporate training doesn’t need to be expensive. The NextThought LMS ensures every dollar is spent wisely - and you can make sure this happens through built-in tracking, reporting, and analytics. Watch your training activities down to the dollar and gain insight about where an extra investment in coursework, e-learning, or innovative training experiences would really pay off.

Engaged employees learn faster and perform better.

NextThought is dedicated to improving the speed and effectiveness of employee training and development through innovative business learning management systems. When you provide excellent learning content in an intuitive format, your employees learn more quickly and improve at accomplishing your company’s goals.

A learning partner for your company.

You can count on NextThought to provide the support and partnership required to achieve your online training goals. We have deep experience with a wide variety of corporate clients, and we have the knowledge base to offer a robust set of resources for any industry. Give us your toughest challenge, and we’ll find a solution that works for you.