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Easily manage employee training, product training, and more.

Healthcare training comes with complex needs. The NextThought LMS solution provides learning management systems that meet the needs of healthcare professionals. Complete required training courses, explore innovative e-learning solutions and stay up to date on the latest in healthcare education.

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Drag & drop to create assignments & assessments.

The NextThought LMS features a drag and drop function to build courses and assignments, as well as a wide range of assessment types. Our team of learning designers and developers can also work to create custom assessments to meet your specific requirements.

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Build your courses in our SCORM & Tin Can (xAPI) friendly LMS.

The NextThought LMS is built to fully support the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) technical standards and Tin Can (xAPI) experience. This is the healthcare LMS that blends seamlessly with other systems and platforms, fostering collaboration, learning, and healthcare excellence.

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Work from your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

In today’s fast-paced environment, everything is mobile-first. The NextThought healthcare LMS stands out among healthcare e-learning companies because it was built with mobile in mind. And it works just as smoothly on other devices: laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and more.


Get custom analytics and flexible reports.

This LMS has a back end that can both pull and build custom reports. Analytics and reporting are fully integrated into everything you do. Build new programs based on solid analytics about your healthcare organization, and use this data to meet long-term goals no matter how challenging.

Why an LMS for healthcare training?

Healthcare training shouldn’t operate scattershot, or you’ll just waste time and money. Your patients deserve the best, and the NextThought LMS provides a world-class healthcare education system. Provide continuing education that makes your organization stand out above the rest.



Save time.

Train healthcare workers productively, without wasting time. The LMS is collaborative and fosters the kind of communication it takes to build great healthcare organizations. Train productively and test efficiently. It’s an easy way to keep your employees up to date on the latest in the health industry.


Save money.

Spend your healthcare organization’s money wisely, because the NextThought LMS is robust, flexible, and designed specifically for healthcare needs. Your team can explore a learning environment without costs or risks to patients, equipment, and resources. It creates a cascade of other cost-saving benefits for your organization.

Learn faster. Perform better.

Medical training requires a high level of performance. Healthcare e-learning allows people to learn efficiently, practice in a safe environment, collaborate to ask questions, complete compliance training, and test their knowledge. It’s an ideal way to build strong, high-performing healthcare teams.

NextThought is your e-learning partner.

You can count on NextThought to provide the support and partnership required to achieve your online training goals. Educate your medical professionals in an innovative environment that supports their diverse learning needs and ensures they stay at the top of their fields.