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Keep instructors and students engaged.

Give your educational community a world-class learning experience in an environment that keeps them engaged. The NextThought learning platform fosters collaboration, communication, self-improvement, and results-oriented assessments.


Access your LMS from your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

The learning environment is web-based, meaning it’s never tied down to a certain device. Learners can access it from their desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or any mobile device. They have the freedom to learn where and when they need to.

drag and drop

Drag & drop to create assignments & assessments.

The NextThought educational LMS features a drag and drop to build courses and assignments, as well as a wide range of assessment types. Our team of learning designers and developers can also work to create custom assessments to meet specific higher education assessment requirements.


Start a conversation.

Students and instructors can create notes, collaborate, and initiate or respond to conversations about course content at almost every location in the platform. These conversations can include text, images, and video, and also allow the markup of images to clarify communication.


Find what you need, when you need it.

In the NextThought digital learning platform, participants can see personal and course contacts at all times. They can initiate synchronous chat sessions simply by clicking on the name of any contact. They can also use a comprehensive search function and network through content discussions and community activity.

An online learning solution that meets your institution's needs.

Our LMS reaches beyond the web space, turning learning into a rich experience that’s intensely memorable for your students. Offer online courses, support student faculty members, or even move an entire community college or university online.



Keep students engaged and increase your retention.

Reporting and analytics are built right into the NextThought higher ed LMS. Track individual performance, plus the overall performance of a class, course, or community. With the help of data, you’ll be able to boost retention and meet the long-term goals of your organization.


Increase staff efficiency and productivity with intuitive tools.

The possibilities for education personalization are endless. The LMS can fit to any educational format, including group chat, virtual classes, forums, multimedia content, interactive content, supportive resources for the student, individual monitoring, group monitoring, evaluation and analysis, reporting and much more. It’s a true productivity tool.

Engaged students learn faster and perform better.

With online learning and the right LMS, students stay engaged with the process and perform better in coursework and testing. Incorporate systems they’re already familiar with, like D2L Brightspace, Blackboard, and Moodle. Keep their attention and support their performance.

A learning partner for your educational institution.

You can count on NextThought to provide the support and partnership required to achieve your educational institution's online learning goals. We have experts on staff who speak the language of education and can make your vision a reality.