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Learning Management System


NextThought’s learning management system focuses on
learner engagement, collaboration and performance. These
elements establish a solid foundation for learners,
promoting a learning environment that fosters improved
participant satisfaction and learning potential.

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A New Learning Environment


Learner Engagement & Collaboration

The NextThought platform advances learner engagement and collaboration by extending every piece of content into an opportunity for contextualized conversation. We also provide multiple pathways for communication, and provide powerful features for both groups and communities.

Mobility & Flexibility

In today’s world, students need their learning materials to be available anytime and anywhere without compromising the quality of the content. NextThought has optimized its platform to provide high-quality experiences for users operating with both traditional devices at home and mobile devices on-the-go.


Learning Analytics & Performance Tracking

The NextThought platform allows instructors to track a student’s individual participation and performance within a course of study, while simultaneously allowing students to track their progress through the coursework.
Our learning environment allows instructors to track all aspects of a user’s activity and measure his or her performance against your organization’s learning goals.

Learning Platform Features


Enhanced User Experience

Our learner-centric interface facilitates intuitive learning and collaboration, and is driven through the clean presentation of text and images, clear lesson overview pages, and consistent global navigation features.


Contextualized Conversations

Users can create notes and initiate or respond to conversations in all content types and at almost every location in the platform (the only exception being graded quizzes). These conversations can include text, images, and video, and also allow the markup of images to clarify communication.


Comprehensive Search

In the NextThought platform, participants can see personal and course cohort contacts at all times, and can initiate synchronous chat sessions simply by clicking on the name of any contact. They can also network through content discussions and community activity.


Cohort & Mentor Communities

NextThought supports creating communities that can participate in selected course content, but that exist separately from the traditional course cohort. We can also support multiple, as well as multi-layered communities. 



The NextThought platform features a wide range of assessment types, and our team of learning designers and developers can also work to create custom assessments and interactivities to meet specific assessment requirements.


User Activity Report

We also provide user activity reports for our partners. These are based on different aspects of user participation across the platform and can be customized to user specifications.

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