NextThought uses an innovative approach to build learning solutions for companies and organizations that boost engagement, collaboration and performance.

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Learning and training solutions
built for success.

In addition to NextThought’s LMS , we can provide innovative solutions for learner engagement and consistently high performance.

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Learning Design

Learning design supports world-class learning experiences through innovative design principles. Our learning designers are experts in perfectly tailoring your medium to your message, achieving your educational goals and the best possible learning outcomes.

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Content Development

Compelling content and storylines keep your audience engaged with the learning process. Create compelling educational videos that take your audience on an exciting journey and extend your message into the virtual world, reinforcing concepts with enhanced reality.

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Subject Matter Experts

We have a large pool of subject matter experts who can enrich your learning content. You can add value to your content by featuring a SME in your educational and marketing content.

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NextThought’s learning management system focuses on learner engagement, cloud-based collaboration, and consistently high performance.

A learning management system
that works like you do.

mobile friendly-whiteMobile friendly.

NextThought has optimized its online training platform to provide a smooth user interface with either a traditional computer-based at-home setup or an on-the-go mobile device.

Icon-white-communitybuildingCommunity building.

The NextThought training program supports learner engagement and collaboration by extending every piece of content into an opportunity for contextualized conversation.

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Flexible reporting.

Our learning environment allows instructors to see all aspects of a user’s activity and measure his or her performance against the organization’s learning goals.


Cloud based.

NextThought’s learning management system is designed to be the best in the LMS market, full of innovative features and intuitive design.

Icon-download-circleSCORM & xAPI friendly.

The NextThought LMS is built to fully support the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) technical standards

Icon-white-communitybuildingPeople First.

We include video transcription & are ADA compliant friendly to meet your learners where they are.



An online learning partner for your organization.

You can count on NextThought to provide the support and partnership required to achieve your educational institution's online learning goals. We have experts on staff who speak the language of education and can make your vision a reality.