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Drive next-generation
learning for your teams.

Your learning platform should create courses quickly, reach and connect with your people,
seamlessly integrate VR experiences, and keep your people learning for the long run.

Choose from a wide range of content types.

Whether you’re teaching students or training employees, you need a learning platform that’s as robust as it is intuitive. We provide flexible options for relevant content inside our app as well as importing a wide range of content types that you may need.

  • check-icon@2x Host 100% of your content for free!

Limitless content

Seamless course creation

  • video-icon@2x


    Upload, embed, and share the most powerful format available today to connect your people and visualize your content.

  • native-readings-icon@2x

    Native readings

    Distribute your course content with audio formats and transcribed text to help your learners digest content more easily and efficiently.

  • discussions-icon@2x


    Enable your people to learn from each other through discussion posts, where they can share lessons learned in the field as well as the web, keeping everyone up to speed.

  • assignments-icon@2x


    Give your teams the option to test their abilities, and give your management the data to report adoption, engagement, and progress.

  • NXT-Survey-Icon--40x40-@2x (1)


    Receive feedback from your teams through surveys and polls, so you're creating the right content for the right people at the right time.

  • webinars-icon@2x


    Share one of the web’s most popular ways of teaching by uploading webinars to your quick course creation tools, so your team can stay current on today’s top insights.

  • events-icon@2x


    Post and attend events — in-person or virtual — right from the learning platform where your team is already learning.

  • embed-icon@2x

    Embed websites

    Adopt others’ learning content by embedding websites and other material into your courses, and give yourself a break from having to do it all.

  • upload-icon@2x

    Upload files

    Offer PDFs, Word and Google docs, and much more by uploading your organization’s files directly into the learning platform.

  • lti-icon@2x

    LTI tools

    Plug in to external systems to help your learners get the most from the world’s available content.

  • scorm-icon@2x

    SCORM packages

    Help developers and other teams create applications that integrate with the learning platform.

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Use VR technology for practical learning applications

Give your teams access to high-quality, VR-enhanced learning experiences, integrated with our LMS. Improve learning outcomes in real-world situations! Discuss how VR can supercharge your learning.

  • check-icon@2x Hybrid learning with immersive VR experiences
  • check-icon@2x Easy to get started and seamless LMS integration

High-quality VR

Immersive learning design

Ease into VR-enhanced learning with our team’s expertise in creating VR experiences — from start to finish — for your organization’s needs.

Interactive 360º video

Get interactive 360º video, including content creation, branching logic, end-user software delivery, and the full tech stack you need for learning with VR.

Actionable learning

See what you need to learn in real time, in the real world, to create more actionable, practical learning experiences — and iterate quickly on new needs.


Socialize your content for engaged learning.

Real learning happens through multiple channels, conversations, and content formats. Consolidate the conversation into groups you own and control, so you can cultivate the conversation without the barriers of another social platform.

  • check-icon@2x Enterprise-grade privacy
  • check-icon@2x Notifications and settings
  • check-icon@2x Networking profiles

Social learning experiences

Contextual conversations

Collaborate easily by allowing users to make inline comments on any piece of content within your course.

Private and public communities

Support sharing and socializing content with communities, and give your people the right permissions based on your needs.

Real-time chat

Keep your teams up to date by chatting with other learners or instructors instantly.


Assess performance with sophisticated testing.

With easy-to-create quizzes, assessments, assignments, and more, your users can keep up with their progress — and so can you. Make your assessments as simple or as rigorous as you need.

  • check-icon@2x Data and analytics

Meaningful analytics

  • multiple-choice-icon@2x

    Multiple Choice

    Let learners select the best answer to aid recall and decision making.

  • upload-icon@2x

    File upload

    Reference material found within your organization and across the web.

  • multiple-choice-icon@2x

    Multiple Answer

    Choose from a range of options to help your people learn the breadth of the given topic.

  • ordering-icon@2x


    Rank order your teams’ selections with ordered answer sets.

  • essay-icon@2x


    Support communication and critical thinking skills necessary for leading in business today.

  • scorm-icon@2x


    Plug in to other learning modalities as the content requires.

  • short-answer-icon@2x

    Short answer

    Help your teams hone the short, written word with short answer options.

Track, monitor, and reward progress.

Challenge and evaluate your learners with assessment features that motivate and inspire everyone to keep learning.

  • check-icon@2x Monetary and non-monetary rewards

Rewarding learning

Individual performance measures

Focus on the engagement of any given learner to see when you can step in and help.

General trends

View the trajectory of your course engagement and progress from a comprehensive view.

Insights to adapt content

Learn what content is the most and least engaging so your organization continually improves its learning outcomes.

Awards and certifications

Award users with completion certificates and generate your own administrative transcripts.



Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

What roles does your learning platform most support?

HR Manager or Director of Learning are our most common stakeholders using NextThought to support their training efforts. We also support Executive Leadership with a learning-based initiative that’s ready to deploy their program and see its impact.

How can I use your learning platform?

Our product is desktop- and mobile-friendly so you can use the system through any device or browser. Regarding what content can be built, the possibilities are limitless. From webinars to certifications, required compliance training and internal policies rollout, from fully self-directed continuing education credits to instructor-led trainings, everything is possible with NextThought.

Does your learning platform integrate with SCORM or xAPI?

Yes, we’re integrated with all versions of SCORM and xAPI through our SCORMcloud engine on the backend that can be launched from any course. All you have to do is upload your .zip file to our system through the course authoring tool and you can have your SCORM or xAPI course up and running in seconds!

Can you embed video and multimedia content into the learning platform?

Yes, any type of media can be uploaded into a course, via our video platform and service of your choice (YouTube, Vimeo, Kaltura, Wistia, etc.), as well as audio files and images. Whatever your learners consume, you can bring that into your course creation.

What kinds of companies use your learning platform?

All types of organizations, big and small, that need a system to help facilitate and scale their learning efforts efficiently and consistently use our LMS. Associations, non-profits, corporate entities, and even educational institutions are all clients of ours. We have deep integrations with systems across industries, which allows us to work with a diverse list of businesses.

What’s the difference between an LMS, LXP, and a learning platform?

An LMS (or learning management system) focuses on content delivery through a traditional course style online experience. On the other hand, an LXP (or learning experience platform) is more personalized for the learner’s journey through the needed coursework for that individual, while also promoting a high-quality user experience that’s intuitive and engaging to the learner. With NextThought, you get a learning platform that’s a happy mixture of the two, and really just refers to an online content delivery system that has a least simple learner management capability.

How does employee learning impact the organization?

Employee development through learning programs is the key to a more productive and impactful employee, and thus a more productive and impactful organization. These types of online learning opportunities will provide an automated system for organizations to get their new employee up to speed faster and more consistently, while also providing an opportunity for growth or upskilling for current employees.

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