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How L&D can help retention

A practical guide

The world of work beginning in 2021 dramatically changed employees’ relationships with their employers. The balance of power shifted toward workers in the form of higher wages and more demands on flexible working arrangements. Many employees want stable careers, quieter places to live, and a sustainable way of life on which they can build and sustain a family. These things they’re looking for, however, run right through the L&D department. By providing the tools and resources they need to chart their future, you just may be able to keep your people around for a long, long time.

How? Learning and development (L&D) initiatives can use the tools available — like learning management systems (LMSs) and learning experience platforms (LXPs) — to offer what today’s employees are desperate to find.

How can L&D help employees grow their long-term careers?

A major driver of the power shift comes from the desire of younger workers like millennials to grow their careers by quickly developing new skills. Many are quitting their jobs in the process, according to reports from The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. This young segment of the overall workforce — the largest segment, by the way — is the most educated in modern history, they’re adept at digital skills, and they’re hungry to stand out.

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How can L&D support well-being for resilient employees and sustainable careers?

Amid the events many have experienced over the last few years, employees crave ways to focus more on wellness, well-being, and mindfulness, not only for themselves but for their teams and families. Without it, employees may feel as though they can't or shouldn't stay with their employers for the long haul.

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How can L&D balance learning with growing careers?

Human beings are like plants — they want to grow. They crave it. They want to get over the learning curve, master a subject, and then move on and conquer something new. If you don't offer employees this trajectory, they'll go somewhere that will.

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How can L&D measure progress and support struggling learners?

It's true that, as the aphorism goes, "not all things that count can be counted," but there are some things that count that can be counted, especially regarding learning progress. Many managers are metrics obsessed, and sometimes rightfully so. However, for L&D leaders, finding metrics to measure how much someone has "learned" is decidedly difficult.

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Don't let the headlines scare you. Retention can be solved.

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