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HubSpot Video

Video production that fits your needs.

Whether you need a fast solution that keeps your organization humming along or a custom solution that fits your unique and complex needs,  NextThought can make it happen.

Icon-brand-videoBrand Videos

We produce high-quality brand videos that help your organization share its story with the world. From interactive landing page videos to eye-catching animations that are easily sharable on social media, we provide more than just basic branding videos. We actively help you develop multimedia content designed to meet your metrics and achieve your organization’s mission.


Narrative & Long Form Videos

Sometimes you need a longer-form video to tell your story properly. We have the staff, equipment and experience to produce world-class documentaries, movies, and other long form and narrative formats. Create a great video that uses a big-screen production process with the help of the NextThought production team. Whatever topic or issue you are highlighting, we deliver an understandable and refined platform to inform your audience.


Instructional Videos

Let’s banish boring instructional videos forever. NextThought specializes in creating compelling, thrilling, memorable educational videos that enchant your audience and keep them engaged. From elementary school students to business executives, we can work our magic to create an instructional video that entertains and educates any audience. Teach, collaborate, test, repeat - all in an educational content format your learners will love.



Training Videos

Imagine whisking your audience away into an alternate reality where they can train in an immersive experience. We make it happen with next-level training videos that take your learners on an unforgettable journey. NextThought training videos are excellent for information retention because they’re so memorable. Another perk? Unlike in-person instruction, a video will never forget any part of your training. This way, you can guarantee that every trainee class is equipped with the same level of knowledge and training as the next, while avoiding costly repetitive training expenses as your company grows.


High end video from start to finish

Regardless if your video is 30 seconds long to over an hour in length, we apply the same commitment to quality to all of our projects. Let our expert team of producers, directors, editors, designers, animators and engineers walk with you through the entire video production process, from start to finish.



Laying the foundation is one of the most crucial parts in successful production of an educational video. During this stage, we will brainstorm, dream, and organize the best game plan to meet your needs. Here we will decide on a concept and the look, feel, and style of the video. If you have a story, our team will find a way to tell it.



This is where your vision comes to life! There’s no feeling in the world like seeing all your hard work and imagination become reality. Our talented team members have backgrounds in educational video, documentary and narrative film, music video, graphics, animation, podcasting, webcasting, event videography, live streaming, sports coverage, broadcast news, and entertainment.



A bit of video magic happens in post-production. We make your video a finished masterpiece by combining the art of editing with our expertise in animation, music, special effects and 3D motion graphics. We take pride in delivering the highest-quality video content and making your creative ideas come alive.

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