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Flexible Work Opportunity!

Beginning immediately, we need Subject Matter Experts, students, and professors to record short educational videos. Videos are created with your own webcams, in your own location and on your own time. Problems and solutions are provided, all we need you to do is demonstrate how to solve the problem!


How it Works


1. Receive a Problem

Based on the subject you select, you will be given a problem within that subject and the written or illustrated solution to that problem.


2. Record a Solution

Use your knowledge of the given subject to record a short video (about 10 minutes) that walks through solving the problem.


3. Submit a Video

If the video is accepted, then that problem is complete. If the video is rejected, you are given a chance to correct it.


4. Get Paid

You get paid for every video that is accepted. It’s that simple.


per video

Non-Engineering Subject


per video

Engineering Subject

* Additional monetary bonuses available each month.

Let's Talk!

We'd love to work with you. Let us know a bit about you in the form below. We will send you the application. If you have any other questions please
contact chegg@nextthought.com


What is expected of me?

Our expectations are: subject matter knowledge, English proficiency, and the ability to verbally communicate solutions to problems.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a computer, webcam and mic. A tablet or an iPad is helpful to write with and we can loan you a tablet if you need one.

How difficult are the problems?

Problems are targeted for undergraduate education in all subjects.

Do I have to complete a certain number of videos each month?

No, you tell us how many problems in each subject you would like to do and we send them to you.

When can I do them?

Anytime! Work at your own pace on your own schedule.

When do I get paid?

Twice a month you are paid for all of the videos that are accepted during that period.