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Retouching Education

NextThought team — October 31, 2018



We live in a world of retouching. We boost and smooth photos. We enhance audio with sonic zones. We cover flaws. We cancel out irritations. We modulate. We brighten.

We make reality better than ever.

We film lectures in high definition while teachers read compellingly from teleprompters. Then we punch them up with animation. It's clean. It's visually attractive. It's better than real.

But is it really learning?

Isn't learning organic and messy and full of failure? Aren't real learning environments full of those imperfect moments that connect one imperfect learner to other imperfect learners? Aren't those flaws part of the secret recipe for wonder?

Isn't learning about unparallel lines, unpredictability, and uncomfortable intimacy?

It's never like the scene in a movie.

Somewhere, I think, Plato is doing pirouettes in his grave.


Your Association's LMS Needs a Social Component

NextThought team
NextThought team

Our mission... To constantly explore innovative ways to rethink education. We engage learners, build community, and deliver value. We will always go above and beyond standard learning solutions, providing perfectly-tailored educational experiences for our clients and their audiences.

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