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The Serendipity of Connection

NextThought team — October 31, 2018




The serendipity of connection.

Like the kind that happens when you head to New York to start a new life, serendipitously connect with a rich entrepreneur named Gatsby, and form a bond of friendship that pushes the two of you off on exciting new adventures.

Like the one that happens to your cousin Daisy and her husband Tom, who run out of gas on their way to the city, make friends with a young couple who offers to give them a lift, and years later name their two children after that couple (who are now their best friends) — George and Myrtle.


It is the serendipity born of forward momentum, the outward-flowing force that seeks presence instead of absence.

It is guided by what can happen, now and in the future.

It is good fortune. It is blessing. It is new.

It is the serendipity of connection.

It is learning.
Gatsby's Crib

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NextThought team
NextThought team

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