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NextThought Announces Exciting Association Research Partnership

NextThought Studios Staff — October 31, 2018


As part of our partnership with the University of Central Oklahoma and its Institute for Learning Environment Design (ILED), NextThought has just launched a national research initiative that targets learning solutions for professional associations and organizations.

This initiative, headed by ILED Director Dr. Bucky Dodd and NextThought CLO Dr. Rob Reynolds, is a comprehensive study designed to explore specific needs and opportunities related to learning within professional communities of practice.

Our research

Associations-1Our research will employ both quantitative and qualitative approaches in order to address questions such as:

  • - What kind of learning is important to professional associations and organizations?
    - What kind of learning holds the greatest interest for members of professional associations?
    - What forms of learning have the greatest efficacy for individual learners in a professional association context?
    - What forms of learning are most effective in promoting valuable personal learning networks for members of professional associations?

Our hope is that this research will provide a significant contribution to the association community, as well as to the body of educational research focused on communities of practice (CoP). In addition, we believe the information gained will help us in our continued efforts with professional associations and organizations as we work together to create effective learning solutions.

Here is the press release posted today about our research.

The Association Professional's Guide to Moving Learning Online

NextThought Press Release

NextThought Partners With ILED to Launch National Research Initiative on Association Learning

NORMAN, Okla., June 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- NextThought, an online learning solutions provider specializing in collaborative and community-based education, announced today that it has partnered with the Institute for Learning Environment Design (ILED) to launch a nationwide research initiative focused on learning opportunities offered through professional associations.
According to NextThought's Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Rob Reynolds, "Associations provide a unique opportunity to study the effectiveness of different learning models in professional communities of practice."

"This research initiative will provide much-needed rigor with regards to the study of association learning needs," Reynolds said. "As part of the University of Central Oklahoma, ILED will conduct both quantitative and qualitative research under Institutional Review Board (IRB) guidelines and oversight. Our goal is to contribute credible data and new insights to the discussion of association learning."

Dr. Bucky Dodd, Director of ILED, said, "Associations and other professional organizations are well-positioned to assume a more significant role in continuing professional education in the U.S., particularly when it comes to millennials. Our research will help quantify both the scope of opportunity for associations, as well as identify specific solutions that might have the greatest impact and efficacy."

Dodd said he anticipated ILED would complete the first phase of its research on association learning by the end of the year.

Dodd added that ILED will begin collecting data for its research immediately, and that it is actively seeking participation from those who direct, manage, or work to create learning solutions for professional associations or organizations. Anyone interested in participating, Dodd said, should visit the site below to sign up or request additional information.

New call-to-action

Sign up or request information about the research initiative on association learning: http://info.nextthought.com/association-learning-project

About NextThought: Founded in 2011, NextThought, LLC is an online learning solutions provider that specializes in collaborative and community-based education. Through partnerships with public companies and private institutions, NextThought engages businesses, institutions, and individuals who are improving education and thus changing the world. For more information about NextThought, visit nextthought.com/associations.

About ILED: The Institute for Learning Environment Design (ILED) at the University of Central Oklahoma is dedicated to creating learning environments that can transform lives. ILED accomplishes this through an innovative portfolio of learning programs, design tools, and consulting services. For more information about ILED, visit http://iled.uco.edu.

Media Contact: Peggy Sabatini, Marketing Lead, NextThought LLC, 405-673-5588, peggy.sabatini@nextthought.com

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NextThought Studios Staff
NextThought Studios Staff

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