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Welcome to AssociationsNext Tracy King, MA, CAE

Dr. Jae Strickland — October 31, 2018

Learning Design

These micro-learning modules range from 20 to 60 minutes in length and feature some of the leading thinkers in the association community. Each course reflects evidence-based best practices, combining the art, science, and technology of adult learning that will empower you to effectively lead your organization.

Each month, we’ll be highlighting a course offered on AssociationsNext. First up is Designing Impactful Learning, facilitated by our wonderful friend and collaborator, Tracy King.

About the Course: Designing Impactful Learning

The continuing education market is competitive. High performing organizations know the new value proposition in workforce development is transformation. Learners are looking for experiences that will generate a valuable impact. So how do we ensure our programs hit that mark? In this course, Tracy King will share with you the fundamentals of learning design - sharing processes and tools the InspirEd team uses to design impactful learning.

Learn more about Tracy’s course, here. To create a free account and enroll in this course, visit AssociationsNext.

About the Instructor: Tracy King, MA, CAE

Tracy King

As Chief Learning Strategist & Founder of InspirEd, Tracy leverages her more than 17 years in the education industry for associations interested in increasing their relevance and revenue with meaningful live, online, and mobile learning programs. Tracy specializes in the intersection of learning science and technology. She's a thought leader in education strategy and learning experience design. She consults with associations on building sustainable and competitive business with continuing education. For more information, please visit www.inspired-ed.com or www.tracy-king.com.

So what’s next? Join us at AssociationsNext by clicking this link and enroll in one of our courses today!

AssociationsNext is a service provided to the association community by NextThought. It offers free CAE credit courses that are open to anyone.


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Dr. Jae Strickland
Dr. Jae Strickland

Jae Strickland, Ph.D. is the Head of Learning Design and Education for NextThought, LLC. Dr. Strickland leads a talented team of learning designers in creating innovative and successful learning environments for a diverse clientele. Dr. Strickland collaborates regularly with association professionals to explore opportunities for enhancement of their professional learning modules to ensure members are receiving a highly interactive, engaging, and meaningful learning experience.

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