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Video Production Services

NextThought Studios is a full-service production house that
specializes in telling stories through video. We bring a
wealth of experience to our studio of imagination. If you can
dream it, we can do it. We’ve created everything from
promotional and branding to learning and training videos.
We treat each project as a unique learning environment and
work with partners to obtain the right balance of narrative,
visual, and audio inputs to achieve a specified goal.

Translating your vision to the screen.


Learning & Training Videos

The NextThought team delivers tangible learning outcomes through educational video. We help you envision and create video solutions optimized for information acquisition and skill modeling. Why do you need educational video production as part of your learning management system? Studies have shown that students retain information better when multiple senses are engaged during the learning process. Students tend to retain more of what they see and hear than what they read, and the combination often serves to maximize learning. We provide high-production video to complement the coursework your students receive, making learning easier and increasing engagement.

branding and marketing videos@2x

Branding & Marketing Videos

Today’s consumer is wary of being sold to, so your videos
must entertain first, educate second and sell third. As a
multi-faceted online learning company, we have a unique
ability to help you craft educational, entertaining videos
that will engage viewers, excite them and help them
remember your products or services. We work with you
from concept to creation to deliver visual narratives that
will leave your customers abuzz and have your target
audience clicking on the "Learn More" button.

Narrative & Long-Form Videos

While short videos and training videos have their places, especially in the corporate environment, you may have a longer story to tell but no guidance on how to tell it. We can create long-form and narrative videos that showcase your vision just as effectively as we create marketing and training videos. Our skilled video experts will work with you to define your concept and establish the best way to transfer it to the screen. We have an attention to detail to impress Spielberg and creative energy a young Picasso would envy. If you have an idea on a napkin, we can transform it into reality.


Quality from Start to Finish



Laying the foundation is one of the most crucial parts in creating a successful video. During this stage, we will brainstorm, dream and organize the best game plan to meet your needs. Here we will decide on a concept, the look/feel and style of the video. If you have a story, our team will find a way to tell it.



This is where your vision comes to life! There’s no feeling in the world like seeing all your hard work and creative ideas made into reality. Our talented team members have backgrounds in educational video, documentary and narrative film, music video, graphics, animation, podcasting, webcasting, event videography, live streaming, sports coverage, broadcast news and entertainment.



We make your video a finished masterpiece by combining the art of editing with our expertise in animation, music, special effects and 3D motion graphics. We take pride in delivering the highest-quality product and making your imagination a reality.

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