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Careers at NextThought 

NextThought is a premiere video production company and learning content development company serving clients around the world. The NextThought team creates positive learning experiences with our capable video production services; we are always looking to grow our team.

Who We Are and What We Do

NextThought is a group of talented and passionate creators that make impactful videos and learning experiences using creative media and technology. 

Our work includes high-quality videos, educational and learning design videos, inspiring videos, and virtual reality experiences. We also produce, script, shoot, and edit videos designed to be a part of online courses. We pay well and offer great benefits.


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Who We Seek

We are going through an exciting growth phase and are searching for talented and passionate people to join a fantastic team and business.

To help you and us decide if we might be a good fit, we created a list of desired character attributes - see below.

Character Attributes

We value these character attributes and strive to model them personally and in our team/culture. Of course, we don’t model them all perfectly, but we aspire to them. Do they describe you and the people you like to be around? Click to learn more.


Who We Serve

For many reasons, the world is moving​ video and learning experiences online, across all economic sectors and worldwide locations — from public institutions (schools, universities, government), to private/corporate entities, to the new creator economy.

NextThought helps clients accomplish their goals with creativity, high quality, and speed. We have a world-class team, clientele, and reputation and are poised to grow dramatically.

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Top Workplace Awards

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Illustration - Remote Work

Where? Remote!

We began in 2011 in Norman, OK. In 2020, at the start of COVID, we went remote and have adapted to and embraced that mode of operation. We use technology to help us close the geographical gap and increase our fun/friendship.

So, if we find a terrific teammate (again, see our list of attributes above), we want them to work wherever is best for them — with maybe an occasional F2F trip to Oklahoma or elsewhere to meet with your team.

Join Our Team

When exciting opportunities and talented people connect, magic happens!

If you think we might be a good fit for one another, please connect with us.