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About NextThought

Our Mission

To constantly explore innovative ways to rethink education. We engage learners, build community, and deliver value. We will always go above and beyond standard learning solutions, providing perfectly-tailored educational experiences for our clients and their audiences.

Our Values

Our core values define our culture and make NextThought special. We will use them when hiring, celebrating, coaching, reviewing, and developing the individual and company. All of us are responsible for upholding and communicating these values.



We believe respect — for ourselves, each other, and those we serve — keeps us humble and hungry. Respect empowers us to show empathy through assuming positive intent, sensing others’ emotions, and understanding their perspective. It also helps us embrace and encourage diversity, integrity, and trustworthiness now and into the future.


We believe clarity is kindness. It helps us seek and share candid, critical, and constructive feedback that brings us back to our core values. We crave emotionally intelligent, effective listening across all our people, every team, everywhere, at all times — so we can grow together toward the future we envision.


We believe an attitude of ownership motivates us to hold ourselves accountable, innovate, and make appropriate decisions with a high standard of excellence. No one cares for their business like an owner. That’s why we consider others’ feedback, challenge ourselves, and develop our strengths through discipline, growth, and learning — to help our own business thrive in every way.


We believe teamwork lies at the heart of our company, even to the way we design our products: NextThought was built for teams. We cultivate relationships by recognizing team members for their good work and building an atmosphere of trust. Our teams are self-aware of their strengths, weaknesses, and their impact on others, especially in the way we resolve conflict and encourage each other. Above all, we strive for a fun environment, where our teams support each other toward our optimistic, compelling vision.

Client Focus

We believe our client focus drives us to perform. We will always respond to client feedback and take ownership of their needs. This requires a deep understanding of our business, the decisions we make, and the long-term relationships that power our work. NextThought team members seek to encourage opportunities and meaningful dialogue with our clients, innovating and implementing new ideas that drive business results forward.