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What is learning design?

Learning design takes your educational goals from the what to the how

What does your intended audience need to learn? What educational technologies will best meet their needs? What learning activities will promote engagement? What evidence will be measured to define success in your online program?

Once we have your what we can begin to design your learning environment to specifically meet your company’s desired goals and outcomes. Only then can we transition into the how. 

This is how we intend to measure mastery of the program. This is how your online courses will foster engagement through supported learning. This is how your program’s learning technologies will meet your learners’ needs. This is how we will provide support.


At NextThought, we begin every learning design project with a workshop that includes all project participants. This allows us to discern the what that is driving the goals of the educational experience by focusing on asking and discovery. We can then collaboratively create a visual learning model, using Learning Environment Modeling, that defines the what and allows us to move forward into designing the how.


Through customized, evidence-based learning design and technology, educators and course designers can better understand the purpose and goals of the learning experience. They can tailor the curriculum and assessments while refining your educational design to achieve the intended goals. The learning design enables all parties to create an intentional and ideal learning environment.

Streamline your education and learning.

Across the world, learning environments are evolving to include a wide variety of devices, formats, people, and experiences. Education happens across time zones, 24 hours a day, in multiple languages, within every organization on Earth. Your training must operate in this diverse and tech-infused environment. NextThought makes it happen through streamlined, cloud-based learning experiences.


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Content Development

The NextThought learning design team evaluates your existing program curricula and course content to optimize it for an engaged and effective learning process. We’ll help you design instructional materials so it will work across multiple learning environments, including classroom-based and hybrid web-based and digital media settings.

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Smart Course Design.

Smart course design is about giving careful thought to how every course is structured. With NextThought, you’ll have access to optimized curricula that facilitates maximum learner engagement. We can restructure your lessons, rewrite your existing content, design innovative new content, and suggest education and training activities that are based on learning sciences.

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Curriculum Development.

The best learning outcomes come from expert curriculum development. We’ll work with you to evaluate your needs and provide solutions like new rubrics, video and animation, subject matter expertise, and core content and resources. Refresh your curricula with learning communities and an interconnected course structure that supports collaboration and engagement.

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Making the most of Learning Evidence & Assessments

When properly designed and sequenced, assessments reveal the effectiveness of your teaching and learning methods. NextThought helps you provide robust education, concept reinforcement, and thorough testing - all in an intuitive format that helps students learn comfortably.

We’ll help you make evidence-based decisions about how to refine your instructional design.

Using Learning Environment Modeling for Planning

NextThought creates unique learning experiences through Learning Environment Modeling (LEM).

Using a shared visual modeling tool, our team collaborates with your organization to implement custom learning environments optimized for engagement, community and increased learner performance.

Our team has decades of professional development and curriculum design experience. We’re ready to help you create innovative learning solutions.

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Learning Analytics & Performance Tracking

The NextThought platform works with powerful educational partners who help track and assess student performance.

This means you can use data and analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of your program and make ongoing adjustments.

Every decision can be based on evidence, with your specific goals in mind, leading to the best possible learning outcomes.

Talk to a learning designer today.

Our learning designers are ready to learn about your organization and see how NextThought can meet your organization’s unique needs.

Bring us your toughest educational challenges, and we’ll provide innovative solutions based on our decades of expertise.