The brands you know trust NextThought to help educate their customers and teams.

With an LMS robust enough for universities, and a production team ready to turn your vision into courses or a full-blown academy—everything you need is right here.


Trusted by great teams across the globe for human-centered and goal oriented learning outcomes. Add yours to the list.

Why spending on customer education will double over the next two years


Acquire More Customers

Customers flock to the companies creating content to help them win at work. Content used to mean short blog posts, then well-researched articles, and eventually eBooks and webinars. Now, customers expect organized, in-depth and interactive courses.

Inspire Customer Loyalty

Customers switch to a competitor when they can’t extract the value you promised during the sale. The problem is the value is there, they just aren’t using your product properly. Create a course or an academy to ensure they get what they paid for and more.

Turn Support into a Strength

Customers submit fewer tickets when they know how to use your product the way it was designed to be used. Your team will finally have the bandwidth to close tickets quickly and provide the types of experiences customers gush about in public.

The platform and people to bring your eLearning vision to life

A light (not limited) LMS

Get everything you need without the feature bloat you’ve come to expect from an LMS. Create courses, facilitate instructor-to-peer and peer-to-peer engagement, create and grade assessments, track and report on progress, and make data-driven improvements to your courses.

Learn More About the LMS

Expert Content Development

Shorten your path to launch by leveraging our in-house pros and network of subject matter experts. We can design engaging courses in line with the latest in learning science, create your content, set up assessments and reports, and more. This is an optional service.

Learn More About Services

Train your customers and everyone that impacts their experience

Customer Training

Become the go-to resource for career training and close the gap between customer expectations and experiences though elearning courses that transform your organization.

Employee and corporate training

Accelerate employee onboarding, optimize and standardize sales, and customer support, and achieve compliance across the board.

Partner Training

Ensure your partners represent your brand accurately and consistently, staying compliant at all times.

Launch a course today

Be well on your way to launching a course or academy within minutes of signing up for free.

Your course will be branded, easy for customers and employees to navigate, and can include all types of media you create yourself or pull in from other sources (and yes, we’re SCORM compliant).

Create a thriving community

Your community suffers when course conversations are spread across social networks, forums, and messaging platforms you don’t control.

With NextThought, conversations and learning happen in the same place. You can build communities around your courses that are secure, centralized, and under your control.

Design robust assessments

We originally built NextThought for university graduate school programs.

What’s this mean for you? It means your assessments can be rigorous, you have access to a vast pool of question types, and learners will be eager to earn certificates and badges that actually mean something.

Optimize engagement and outcomes

Reporting on learner progress and grades are table stakes because this only tells you how you’re doing—not what you can do better.

NextThought helps you pinpoint opportunities by tracking and reporting on all aspects of participation. Video and content consumption habits, how students engage with each other, where attention drops off and more. Easily turn this data into reports inside NextThought or your favorite reporting tool.

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The NextThought team itself is a key feature—the support is amazing!”


US–Based Support

You will get to know us by name and you won’t need to struggle through a language barrier when trying to solve a complex issue.

Experienced Team

Most of our support reps have been with NextThought for several years. They know the ins and outs and are eager to help.

Quick Resolutions

We resolve issues within 24 hours on average. This is possible because we’re US–based, experienced, and consider support one thing that sets us apart.