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Subject Matter Experts

Looking to hire
a subject matter expert (SME)?

NextThought has connections with a large pool of subject matter experts (SMEs) you can feature in your educational and marketing content. Invite someone to star in your next video or visit your next event in person. Information technology experts, human resources specialists, and even cross-trained individuals are all within reach. 

Feature an industry expert in your company testimonials. Utilize their years of experience and highly-specialized knowledge to advance your organization! The possibilities are wide open with NextThought SMEs. The NextThought project teams can find and manage SMEs to make the process simple for you. 

NextThought has subject matter experts in:

accounting (1)




Advanced Math



Advanced Physics








Computer Science








business (1)

General Business





Statistics & Probability



Chemical Engineering



Civil Engineering



Electrical Engineering



Mechanical Engineering

Our trusted SMEs can bring your e-learning vision to life.

The right SME is a person who has expert knowledge in your industry or field - plus on-screen charisma and a bit of star power. They’ll imbue their specific expertise with engaging content, training materials, and even a bit of dazzling performance. NextThought has a long list of these valuable SMEs who infuse your e-learning content with expertise and excitement. When they’re through, your audience’s key takeaways won’t just be educational, but life-altering.

Content Development & Storyline

SMEs bring a deep understanding of your specific area of expertise, which makes people feel that they can trust your organization. Get the most out of your superstar power. From training programs to social media spots, the SME will be just the jumpstart your organization needs. We’ll develop content that features your SMEs to maximum benefit, thrilling your audience and keeping them engaged. 

Educational Video Production

NextThought produces educational videos that go way beyond the basics. Incorporate your SME into a learning adventure that’s memorable, enjoyable, and meets your organization’s most challenging educational goals. Solve problems, impart special knowledge, and impress your audience all at once. 

Interactive Learning

One of the keys to effective learning is interaction. Using interactive authoring software, NextThought creates impactful learning experiences that leverage interactive scenario-based learning with branched logic to maximize learner engagement.