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Learning Designed for Teams,
Learning Designed for Impact

NextThought is a learning platform designed with a straightforward, team-based approach. Never over-built or one-size-fits-all, NextThought delivers the learning experiences your teams need to reskill, upskill, learn, and deliver consistent outcomes.


Trusted by great teams across the globe.

Train your customers and everyone who impacts their experience


Customer Training

Become the go-to resource for career training and close the gap between customer expectations and experiences.


Employee Training

Accelerate employee onboarding, optimize and standardize sales and customer support, and achieve compliance across the board.


Partner Training

Ensure your partners represent your brand accurately and consistently and are compliant where necessary.


In 2018, the World Economic Forum reported 54% of the workforce will require significant upskilling and reskilling within the next five years.


Gartner research shows only 20% of workers are confident they have the skills they need for the future.


This year’s PwC research found only 18% of CEOs believe their organization has made significant progress in establishing an upskilling program.

The Time is Now

Your employees want to be developed and your organization needs to continuously advance its skills. Today, that urgency has been amplified and, yet, many teams are still bogged down in overbuilt solutions.

To empower teams and support upskilling, you need a solution built with engaging learning experiences at the center.

NextThought offers the agility and adaptability you need to support how learning, reskilling, and upskilling actually happen — personally, socially, and within teams.

With social learning experiences, seamless course creation, and meaningful analytics, NextThought delivers the learning your organization needs to drive consistent outcomes for your business and your customers.

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Light but Never Lightweight

Seamless course creation

We built our platform to get teams up and running in minutes, not months. With NextThought, you can quickly design a course yourself or embed learning materials from across the web.


Social learning experiences

Learning happens when it’s personal, social, and connected. Yet every day your teams struggle to find what they need when insights are spread across social networks, forums, and messaging platforms you don’t control. Leaders are quickly learning that social networks are not the same as social learning. With NextThought, conversations and learning happen in the same place. You can build communities around your courses that are secure, centralized, and effective — and you can build on those programs and communities over time.

Meaningful analytics

When you have overbuilt learning solutions you end up with excessive analytics, creating frustrating experiences for administrators and leaders. We’ve all experienced the pain of too much data. At NextThought, we believe data should drive actionable insights, so we’ve built our platform with meaningful analytics in mind — participation, habits, engagement, and attention help your learning programs improve over time.


Transparent pricing

We exist so teams can start learning, reskilling, and upskilling quickly. In fact, we think it’s wrong that traditional learning platforms cost more to have more learners. So we developed a pricing model that gets your people — all of your people — learning. Because we know aligned, continuous, digital learning environments are critical now more than ever and help your team to become the best version of itself.

Integrate with tools your teams already use

Create learning approaches that connect with your teams where they are. With integrations to support your learning programs, NextThought is continuously driving to make our platform better for you and your employees.

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Great Teams Learn With NextThought

"The NextThought team itself is a key feature—the support is amazing!”



Depth of Experience

Most of our support reps have been with NextThought for several years. They know the ins and outs and are eager to help.


U.S.–Based Support

You will get to know us by name and you won’t need to struggle through a language barrier when trying to solve a complex issue.


Quick Resolutions

We resolve issues within 24 hours on average. This is possible because we’re U.S.–based, experienced, and consider support one thing that sets us apart.