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Learning Design

NextThought’s learning management system focuses on
learner engagement, collaboration and performance. These
elements establish a solid foundation for learners,
promoting a learning environment that fosters improved
participant satisfaction and learning potential.

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Making Education Better


Learning Environment Modeling

NextThought creates unique learning experiences through Learning Environment Modeling (LEM). Utilizing a shared visual modeling tool, our team collaborates with our partners to implement custom learning environments optimized for engagement, community and increased learner performance. Our team blends decades of professional development and curriculum design experience to create innovative learning environments.

Curriculum Design & Development

Our learning design team improves our partners’ existing programs by evaluating their curricula, identifying their learning needs and creating better solutions. Our services range from optimization of existing curricula to content creation, drafting learning outcomes and mapping them into a new learning environment design. Our team builds or reworks curricula to help our partners create more cohesive content. This approach allows our team to design a continuing education program that engages learners.


Learning Analytics & Performance Tracking

Our learning design process focuses on the demonstrable growth of your learners. In combination with the NextThought platform, our partners can track all user assignments and assessments and use the data to measure performance. This method of performance tracking provides a quantifiable way to measure the progress of an organization's learning goals.

Instructional Design Services

Content Development Services

The NextThought learning design team evaluates existing program curricula or course content to optimize it for engaged and successful learning. This includes optimizing the material so it will work across multiple learning environments, including classroom-based and hybrid settings, when applicable.

Smart Course Design

Our team provides comprehensive evaluation and optimization of current curricula for online learning. We optimize the curricula to account for online collaboration and learner engagement. This may entail restructuring lessons, rewriting content, designing manipulatives and creating new content or activities.

Curriculum & Course Development

We work with you to assess and address your specific needs, providing: 1) Subject matter expertise 2) Learning objectives and rubrics 3) Media elements such as video and manipulatives 4) Core content and resources 5) Learning communities and 6) Connected-course structure for collaboration and engagement.

Instructional Content

High levels of learner engagement and community interaction require specific types of instructor mediation throughout a course. The NextThought learning design team specializes in identifying mediation needs, and we can create the necessary content elements to achieve your goals for interaction.

Organized for Collaboration & Engagement

Effective learner engagement often requires new content or activity designs. With our partners, we create innovative instructional frameworks that enhance learning personalization and knowledge acquisition. We also take existing content activities and enhance them for collaboration and community interaction.

Learning Evidence & Assessments

NextThought can help you get quantifiable evidence of your students’ knowledge application. Properly designed and sequenced assessments are critical to positive learning efficacy. This includes proper assessment diversity and spacing, as well as effective concept reinforcement throughout the course content.

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