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Corporate Training Video Production

Effective training for any role.
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What are corporate training videos and why use them?

No matter what skills your organization needs, high-quality video content and interactive learning experiences make all the difference when onboarding employees to the procedures, processes, and best practices that will shape their role. 

Instructional videos are becoming a standard corporate training tool for good reason. They walk the target audience through complex information in a convenient, engaging way that can easily be revisited.


Corporate Training Video Production

Effective training for any role.
What are corporate training videos and why use them?

No matter what skill is needed in an organization, video and interactive experiences play a strong role in showing employees the procedures, processes, and best practices for excelling in their role. Corporate training videos are some of the most common training tools used today, and for good reason. They standardize information in a convenient, engaging way that can easily be revisited.

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What are some characteristics of a good corporate training video?

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    Typically 3 to 5 minutes
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    Often developed as a series on a set of specific skills
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    Well-produced with engaging graphics to assist in knowledge retention
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    Tone is appropriate to the subject, and consistent with company culture
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    Processes are described in a coherent way rather than improvised

What are examples of corporate training video production services?

  • Animated explainer videos

  • Live action videos

  • 3D animation

  • Product training videos

  • Educational video services

  • eLearning video series

  • Onboarding videos

  • Safety courses

When and how should I use corporate training videos?

Corporate training videos are a cost-effective way to get valuable information out to the widest possible audience.

Whether you need a series of quarterly safety training videos, or you want to implement a continuing education program for employees, the versatility granted by this style of video allows them to be shaped to any need. 

If you’re a startup preparing for a new launch, product videos and demo videos can get your workforce up to speed in no time. 

Take digital marketing firms for example. Effective training videos can help deal with the wave of FAQs that often follows changes in ecommerce regulations. Ultimately, it’s a matter of adaptability and responsiveness, setting your company up for success by empowering your team members with best-in-class training materials.

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How long does it take to produce a corporate training video?

It’s our goal to deliver your project promptly no matter the type of video. NextThought is known for our quick turnarounds and we take pride in our ability to deliver under demanding deadlines. 

The number of employee training videos, their length, complexity, and whether the organization is contributing any assets all impact the overall timeline and delivery of a video project, but a standard range is 4 - 12 weeks.

What does an effective training video production process look like?

  • Thorough pre-production, including learning design and storyboarding

  • Often developed as a live-action, 2D, or 3D animated explainer videos

  • Top-notch educational content, planned with the learner in mind

  • Scriptwriting, aesthetics, and voiceover tailored to fit your company’s culture

  • Exceptional post-production including engaging motion graphics

Why choose NextThought to be your training video production company?

NextThought's award-winning production team boasts extensive experience producing content across both the public and private sectors. From nonprofits and eLearning to healthcare and software-as-a-service (SaaS), we’ve done it all. Review all the industries we've served, and see for yourself why we’re one of the best training video production companies out there. Whether you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, or you're ready to explore some creative solutions to training, we are eager to produce the best solution for you.


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