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Increase learning outcomes with bite-sized interactive training on any device.
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Hyper-focused, bite-sized learning for all.

In five-minute short bursts, microlearning uses quizzes, interactive elements, and more to educate learners on a specific topic. Learners can select e-learning content that’s either sequential or out-of-order to learn a concept immediately.

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Increase learning outcomes with bite-sized interactive training on any device.
Hyper-focused, bite-sized learning for all learners

In five-minute short bursts, microlearning uses quizzes, interactive elements, and more to educate learners on a specific topic. Learners can select e-learning content that’s either sequential or out-of-order to learn a concept immediately.

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Learning where & when they need it.

Expand your learning strategy with just-in-time training that allows learners to train on their smartphones, tablets, or browsers. Training no longer needs to be a standalone event, but rather on-demand, continuous learning that dramatically improves outcomes.

Interactivity increases engagement and knowledge retention.

Fight short attention spans with engaging learning features like drag-in-drop, 360 environments, and gamification that make training sessions more fun, interactive, and effective for your learners.

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Built for any device, hosted online or your LMS.

No, you don’t need a new Learning Management System (LMS.) Instead, learners can access microlearning training on mobile devices or company-issued tech. Elearning content can be hosted on a browser or your own LMS. With NextThought, mobile learning is easier without adding the huge expense of an LMS.

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What are Microlearning examples?

Elearning training like onboarding, short videos, point-of-view simulations, animation explainers, and technical training quizzes all benefit from the microlearning format. Microlearning can supplement in-person employee training when learners are in the field.

Lean more about Microlearning examples, limitations, and best practices.

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Curious about cost? 

Built with your
team in mind.

As a custom training and eLearning company, NextThought partners with Learning Leaders and Training Professionals who care deeply about equipping employees for the job ahead.

You have a clear picture of training needs.
We have the technical expertise to make it effective.

How long does it take to create a microlearning project?

While the amount of time for every microlearning project differs based on the number of modules, length, and complexity, it can take 4-8 weeks to produce microlearning courses. A savvy training company will create templates that can take the project less time to complete. One large factor is whether the learning content has already been written or not.

What are the benefits of microlearning?

Many learning and training leaders have included a microlearning strategy in their broader learning strategy because of the huge retention, engagement, and completion rate benefits. Rather than long-form synchronous training, microlearning is self-paced, just-in-time learning that can help learners develop new skills, upskill, and decrease the forgetting curve that can happen after traditional training.

It fosters continuous learning and emphasizes a learning culture, with an added measurement opportunity for training teams to gauge the need for employee performance support.

In short: microlearning modules have proven to be an effective learning format to supplement traditional learning.

How much does microlearning content cost?

Much like the production timeline, cost is dependent on all the same factors like length, complexity, and number of modules. Ensure you get a separate quote on just the content. Some companies may try to sell you microlearning platforms or microlearning tools, even develop separate apps to host your content. Be sure to distinguish between content and platforms. Reach out to NextThought for a clear, transparent pricing breakdown on microlearning content.

Why partner with NextThought for microlearning videos?

NextThought has produced corporate training and employee training for some of the world’s top organizations. We have the unique ability to take learning objectives, existing or new pieces of content, and complex subject matter to create highly engaging, effective microlearning content that learners love. We’re known for learning experiences that increase retention and impact organization-wide education. Reach out to us to get started on your microlearning project today.