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Corporate Training Videos: How One of America’s Largest Shipping Companies Is Innovating Driver Training with NextThought

How Important is Employee Training?

We’ve all felt the satisfaction of opening our front door to find a package waiting for us–on time, as promised. We’ve also experienced frustrating delays even when our package is “out for delivery.” For shipping and delivery companies, on-time arrival is mission critical to remain a go-to shipping option.

And delivery drivers play the linchpin role, ensuring packages complete the last remaining miles to their final destination. Effective driver training can be the difference between excellent customer service or eroding brand trust in a highly competitive market. 

That’s why one of America’s largest shipping companies decided to enhance their corporate training videos by partnering with NextThought.

A New Vision For Corporate Training: App-Like Training Experience

The leaders on the Driver Experience team felt their existing corporate training videos lacked engagement, interactivity, and didn’t provide delivery drivers with enough realistic elements. How could they improve upon their delivery driver training? Their vision: condense a week’s worth of presentations into an immersive, app-like experience to get new hires into the driver’s seat faster. 

In addition to wanting more interactivity, the Driver Experience team wanted a fresh design style that aligned with their external branding. 

If they could develop a prototype for new corporate training in the next two weeks, they could get buy-in at an upcoming executives meeting and launch it company-wide. 

There’s only one problem. What company can deliver that type of learning and development content with a two-week turnaround?

Employee Training: Idea to Launchable Prototype in 2 weeks

NextThought creates highly engaging training and education content at scale. As experts at corporate and educational video production, course design, and interactive e-learning, NextThought has many creative tools at their disposal. One of the tools for interactive e-learning is Articulate Storyline, a program that makes learning design come to life through custom designs, interactivity, and even narrative choice.  

Their team of designers went right to work developing three learning topics that could be experienced on mobile devices. Each module catered to specific training objectives and incorporated the brand’s visual identity into the experience. 

The end result incorporated the following production elements:

  • Custom illustration
  • Animation
  • Scenario-based learning
  • Mobile-first design

The Result: Next-Generation Employee Training 

Working in lock-step with the Driver Experience team, NextThought completed the project in the two-week timeline. The team was thrilled with the results.

But would the C-suite feel the same about this new corporate training content? Was it polished, impressive, and engaging enough to get their approval? 

To help the Driver Experience team with the presentation, NextThought's team of video experts and interactive specialists created a series of animations that elevated the presentation and provided a unique learning experience for the executives.

The company's executives were so impressed with the prototype and presentation that they approved the project on the spot. 

With the new employee training in hand, the Driver Experience team plans to conduct an A/B test to compare the effectiveness of the new delivery driver training program with the old one. The case study from this test will allow them to proceed with the complete implementation of the onboarding and driver safety training program, revolutionizing how tens of thousands of front-line employees are trained to improve delivery processes and on-time packages.

What could the future hold for this type of training application? Additional content can be used for optimizing routes, delivery driver safety training, helping truck drivers properly load and unload their trucks, defensive driving, route planning, and proof of delivery–all of which helps drive responsibility and accountability for employees while increasing overall customer experience.

NextThought specializes in creating engaging training and education content for organizations. 



NextThought team

NextThought team

NextThought transforms workplace learning through creative technology and engaging media. We're fortunate to partner with some of the top organizations in the world to make their educational training content remarkable and effective.

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