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NextThought Studios Wows Client with Incredible Animated Video Project on Recent Clutch Review

Today, we can see different types of content on both traditional and digital platforms. Campaigns online have been focused on providing creative ways on how they can spread their message across different social media platforms. One that has been really popular is video content. Thanks to the popularity of video-sharing platforms, video has become one of the staples and the most sought-after types of content out there.


NextThought Studios has been creating engaging and high-quality video content for our clients. Founded in 2011, we are a full-service production house that excels at creating high-quality video assets and animations with a team of producers, directors of photography, artistic designers, post-production editors, sound designers, and animators. NextThought Studios is adept at communicating complex ideas in elegant and entertaining ways.


Today, we are very excited to announce our most recent collaboration that was posted on our Clutch profile. Clutch is an established platform in the heart of Washington, DC, committed to helping small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses identify and connect with the service providers they need to achieve their goals.

This review is about a global education company that needed video animation. The goal was to create outputs to help improve the scalability of the client’s international products. Our team was in charge of writing the scripts alongside their internal team. We also handled every aspect of the post-production processes, from video editing to audio mixing, our team has got this covered.


So far, our team has been able to create 300-400 animated videos for the client. For more information about the collaboration, here is what the client has to say about our team:

“NextThought is one of our top go-to vendors for creative work. They’re also competitive with their price. NextThought pushes their work to the next level, and they understand our needs when it comes to the actual projects themselves. They’re also able to deliver from a volume standpoint.”

We had a few hiccups with this collaboration after a few internal changes that we made. Thankfully, this issue was addressed quickly! 


Other than this incredible review, we are also proud to be featured on Top Design Firms’ website. We are very happy to be on the list of top production companies presented on Top Design Firms. If you don’t know about them, they are a top resource for buyers looking to find top designers, marketing companies, and developers that specialize in various industries. 

Looking for a capable video production company for your next project? You are in the right place! Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

NextThought Studios Staff

NextThought Studios Staff

The NextThought Studio team offers high-quality post-production services that create positive learning experiences for students, trainees, employees and more. Our varied video production services can help you create solutions that provide optimal information retention and skill acquisition. With expertise in everything from corporate video production to producing educational and learning videos, NextThought Studios can create a video experience to meet any client's needs.

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