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Learn About the Latest Animated Video Trends for Marketers

Latest Trends Animation

Consumers love interesting videos and hate bad ads. For marketers, this means there’s huge potential to create animated videos using 2D and 3D animation that resonate with your audience.

Neuroscience research shows that the average internet user’s attention span is quite literally less than a goldfish, at a mere 8 seconds. In that time, an animated clip must show something worth seeing, or you may lose that potential customer forever.With this in mind, here are some of the latest trends in animated video and what they mean for your marketing strategy.

Simple Animation Clarifies Complex Ideas

Sometimes companies think their products are too complex for animation, or they think animated videos are somehow not serious enough for their brand. Not true. Animation is excellent for taking complicated ideas and turning them into accessible ideas anyone can understand.

For example, check out the animated video NextThought Studios created for Dobson, a high-speed internet and fiber optic network. A complex tech concept was boiled down into a short, cheerful video that makes sense to anyone who watches it.

As you can see from this example, simple animation can take a complex idea and make it much clearer for your audience.

Animation Should Be Built Into Your Brand

In 2021, customers are used to encountering many types of animation and motion graphics in their world. Mixing 2D and 3D, infusing motion graphics, and including everything from amateur stop-motion to cinematic animation masterpieces are some of the hottest market trends today. Big brands like Coca-Cola and Apple have used animation in their ads for more than 30 years.

Your customers are comfortable with animation and almost expect it to be part of a reputable brand. In fact, research shows animation helps people remember your brand name and retain the information you’re sharing.

This is why many companies have created animated logos, which flutter, flip, and bounce. The motion serves as a gentle mental trigger, as if to say, “I’m important. Remember me.”

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Latest Video Marketing Trends Highlighted 

Here are some of the biggest animated video trends for 2021 and beyond.

‘Stories’ Format 

Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram have all introduced “Stories” in the past few years, which are various formats of video storytelling. In fact, YouTube had planned to launch a storytelling feature called Reels, and changed the name to Stories at the last minute when it launched.

For marketers, what all this means is simply that people love stories. People connect with visual storytelling, spend time watching stories unfold, and enjoy interacting with brands that tell good stories. Use animation to make this happen.

Mobile and Social Share Animation 

Social media has influenced animation trends, and you should take advantage of it: your next animated video might be the most socially shareable content you ever produce. Videos have high viewership and shareability. Some statistics regarding market trends for animated video include:

  • 85% of the U.S. internet audience watches online videos
  • More than 50% of videos are now viewed on mobile
  • 51% of marketers say videos get the best ROI of anything they do
  • 64% of people have made a purchase because of watching a branded video
  • On social media, videos get 1200% more shares than text and images combined


Animated explainer videos are wildly popular. These short informational videos, which explain how things work, are quickly becoming consumers’ preferred way of exploring new products.

Hubspot found these fascinating facts about explainers:

  • 95% of people have encountered an explainer video
  • 72% would rather view an explainer video to learn about a company than use any other method
  • 85% wish companies would produce more explainer videos

Whiteboard Animation 

Whiteboard animation is often used as an animation explainer. However, it can also be used to showcase the highlights of products and services. In a whiteboard animation, an animated figure or object draws on a whiteboard, often explaining complex concepts or making a list of the benefits of products or services. This methodology is similar to typical classroom learning, so many people can connect with it.

Live Video 

Celebrities have capitalized on providing live video updates to their fans. This delivery model makes fans feel like they are more intimately connected with those they follow. This trend is also gaining momentum for everyday social media users, too. 

Making a video live makes it feel more important and urgent. Social media users are alerted when the people they are following go live. This sends an instant marketing message out to your fans and customers, so make it count!


Infographics provide a number of important statistics, facts, and other central information. They are visually appealing and concise. But animated infographics? A total game-changer.

The next infographic you create should be animated. Why? Because the brain craves animation when it interacts with static illustrations. In fact, our minds try to add animation, even when it’s not there.

Animated infographics provide motion design elements  that highlight the most important part of what’s going on. Viewers can’t help but pay attention. Animation boosts viewer engagement, trust, and retention. 

85% View Videos Without Sound

Let’s leave you with one important reminder about animated videos: 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound, and well over 50% of all videos on the internet are never played with the sound above a whisper.

People watch videos at work, while commuting, around their families, and other places where they keep the sound turned off. So add captions and word bursts that deliver the same impact - all in complete silence.

Ready to create an animated video that speaks for itself? Connect with NextThought Studios for a custom quote, and let’s start brainstorming.

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NextThought Studios Staff

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