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Looking for the Best Way to Onboard New Employees?

For any organization, welcoming new employees is a tone-setting step for their entire journey within the company. The process of onboarding should be more than just administrative tasks and paperwork; it should be a comprehensive strategy that lays the foundation for a successful and fulfilling work experience. There are a few ways to approach this process, so we’ll explore the best way to onboard new employees and dive into the key steps. A gap in one of the steps can lead to a poor overall experience. We’ll also talk about the importance of video in the process, and how it can even be effectively used before, during, and after an employee’s first day. Because a first impression is often a lasting impression.

What Should an Onboarding Process Do?

To start, employee onboarding is not merely about getting new hires acquainted with company platforms, systems, and colleagues. It's a deliberate process aimed at integrating newcomers into the company culture, aligning them with the organization's values, and ensuring that they understand their roles and responsibilities. An effective onboarding program also serves to set clear expectations, reducing confusion and enhancing job satisfaction.

While onboarding involves various elements, video is a powerful tool for conveying information in an engaging and memorable manner.  In fact, videos are part of onboarding employees best practices. An engaging video can effectively communicate the company's history, mission, and values, allowing new employees to develop an early connection with the organization.

The Steps to Onboarding: A Comprehensive Approach

An onboarding process typically has several key steps that guide new employees from pre-employment through their initial days:


Before an employee's start date, it's beneficial to provide them with onboarding materials, such as an onboarding checklist, company policies, and an employee handbook that contains things like notes on the company’s culture and values, employment policies, and workplace conduct policies. 

First Day:

On the employee's first day, they should be welcomed to the team, introduced to their colleagues, and provided with an overview of the company's history and culture. This can be done in-person by someone in the company’s HR department, a fellow coworker, the hiring manager, or through introductory videos. Often, it’s a combination. 


Many new employees rely on on-the-job training to learn about their specific job duties and workplace procedures. While some of this training may be hands-on, visual demonstrations can enhance comprehension and retention, ensuring that new hires are well-equipped to excel in their roles. 

Company Culture:

Fostering a sense of the company culture with new employees helps build a sense of community and commitment that contributes to long-term retention. 

Ongoing Support:

Beyond the initial onboarding, employees should be able to expect continued guidance and support. This might include retraining on updated company software, refreshing training materials, and addressing frequently asked questions.

The Importance of Video in Onboarding

Video holds several advantages in the onboarding process. It's engaging, allowing information to be presented in a dynamic and captivating manner. Visual cues, facial expressions, and tone of voice add depth to the communication, helping new hires better understand the content.

Furthermore, video is consistent and scalable. Each new employee receives the same information, eliminating the risk of misinformation or confusion. It's also accessible, catering to various learning styles and accommodating remote employees who may not be physically present for traditional onboarding sessions.

When to Use Onboarding Videos?

Onboarding videos can be strategically integrated throughout the entire onboarding process:

Before the First Day:

Sending videos before the employee's first day prepares them for what to expect, helping to alleviate any anxiety. These videos can include a virtual tour of the office, an overview of the company's values, and a detailed explanation of their role. They can also introduce the company's leadership, work environment, dress code if applicable, even what they can expect on their first day. All of this is helpful information that can help set the tone for a smooth transition.

On the First Day:

Videos can also be used to introduce the company's mission and long-term goals on the first day. Especially in the growing climate of remote work environments, video introductions and messages from team members and supervisors, can establish a sense of belonging right from the start.

After the First Day:

As new employees settle into their roles, videos can aid in reinforcing training, clarifying any doubts, and ensuring ongoing alignment with company values. This continuous support contributes to a smoother transition into their new position. Videos showcasing company events, social gatherings, and success stories can help new employees understand and embrace the company's culture, as well as covering topics such as job responsibilities, job title expectations, and specific tasks. 

Video Sounds Great! How Do I Implement It?

Successful onboarding sets the stage for a mutually beneficial relationship between employees and the organization. By incorporating video into your onboarding program, you're not only ensuring that new hires understand their roles but also creating an atmosphere of inclusion, support, and growth right from day one.

If you're an HR professional seeking to optimize your company's onboarding experience, we at NextThought are here to help. Our expertise in creating engaging training videos can ensure that your new hires feel empowered, informed, and excited about their journey within your organization.


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