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Corporate Video Tips to Make Your Video Stand Out

Corporate Video Stand Out

You may already know that a huge percentage of people use the internet to search for product or service-related videos before making a purchase. You know an even larger percentage of people watch at least one online video per day. You know video is an integral part of any effective media marketing strategy.

But do you know how to make your video stand out from the roaring crowd of videos produced by other media-savvy marketing teams?. We’ve put together a list of our eight favorite tips for creating an attention-grabbing, high -impact corporate video.

#1 Know Your Audience

The data-sphere is filled with media using a broad-spectrum, splatter- effect strategy that hopes to engage its target audience by speaking to everyone. A well-researched video with a definite point of view presents an excellent opportunity to create a sense of intimacy with the right audience, providing specific solutions to specific issues your target audience actually cares about. Find a production team that has helped countless clients use demographic research to create and speak to a distinct persona, and market to them.

#2 Respect Your Viewer’s Time

The key word here is succinct. Statistics have proven that you’re more likely to lose viewers if your video is longer than two minutes. Mark Twain once famously said, “I’d write you a shorter letter but I don’t have time.” Off topic material wastes everyone's time. Before going into production, invest the time and effort to hone your message. Include only the most salient points.

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#3 Show Them, Don’t Tell Them

A laser-focused message complemented by engaging visuals is a sure bet for grabbing your viewers’ attention. Today, more than ever, companies are using media to show audiences how to use their products and services.

An otherwise intimidating or complex product is better explained with a video demonstration than a long email detailing its features.

Plus, in today’s multilingual world, showing rather than telling is an effective way to overcome language barriers and reach a larger audience.

An experienced team of experts can brainstorm with you about the best way to show your story in an attention-grabbing way. 

#4 Create a Wrinkle in Time

Consider time-lapse video. Talk about succinct! Talk about a genius show-me-don’t-tell-me strategy!  You can bend time in a way that immediately engages viewers and takes them from start to finish in a way few other genres can.

Who hasn’t been mesmerized by a well-produced time-lapse video on their social marketing feed?

#5 Tell Your Story

We are wired to use storytelling to make sense of the world. It’s one of the most effective ways to create emotionally engaging content. For example, research tells us that Millenials spend their dollars on brands with an unambiguous story that aligns with their values and perspectives.

Does your corporate video convey a clear message about your company’s culture and perspective on the world? Consider using video testimonials so existing customers can share their story to reassure potential buyers they can trust your brand.

Bottom line: if your story resonates with your audience’s viewpoint, you’ve created an immediate connection with them and they’ll be more open to hearing your message.


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#6 Use The Right People to Do The Right Job

You wouldn’t ask your car mechanic to clean your teeth, would you? Specific tasks require specific skill sets. The best message in the world isn’t going to convert viewers into customers if it has to overcome bad lighting or choppy, editing.

There are many steps involved in making a powerful video, so make sure you’ve got the right people doing the right job. Our team at NextThought Studios can address each step in the video production process so you present the right image to your audience.

Don’t make the mistake of using a jack of all trades to do the work of a team of experts. It’s short-sighted and ultimately wastes time and money.

#7 Use the Right Tools

We’ve all seen — and immediately closed — that video with amateur lighting, poor sound quality and tedious editing. Don’t let your video be that video. To produce a sophisticated, engaging video you’ll need the right tools, including a good camera, editing software and professional lighting and sound equipment.

Skimping on tools makes a cheap-looking video which associates your service or product with a bargain-bin mentality. If you cut corners making your corporate video, the viewer has to ask if you’re cutting corners on what you’re trying to sell.? It’s vital to find a team that has access to the latest production video equipment to create a professional level corporate video.

#8 Be Familiar With The Latest Trends in Marketing

Digital media is an ever-changing medium, and your corporate videos should reflect current trends in marketing to stay relevant.

But in many cases, business owners don’t have the time or human resources to stay on top of what’s cutting edge.

A team with expertise in the latest technology and production methods can be an indispensable partner in creating a state-of-the-art video.




NextThought Studios
 has a team of experts familiar with the latest tools and marketing trends who can help you show your story succinctly, identify your audience and effectively engage them with a state-of-the-art corporate video.


If you’re ready to take your corporate video production to the next level, call us at (405) 689-5486 or contact us here — we’d love to talk.

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Janelle Bevan, M.A.

Janelle Bevan, M.A.

Janelle has produced and project-managed a wide array of videos ranging from corporate commercials to long-form documentaries. While completing her Master’s degree at the University of Oklahoma, she served as the graduate assistant to the department chair for Creative Media. Janelle has worked with many nationally recognized organizations, creating documentaries for the National Association of Broadcasters, designing and editing instructional videos for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and producing the 2015 Broadcast Education Association awards show in Las Vegas. Janelle is a six-time Telly Award winner and won a 2016 Emmy for her documentary featuring a collaboration from three executive producers of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Janelle served as NextThought’s Director of Post-Production and Media Management and helped facilitate over 1,000 videos during her time at NextThought.

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