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What Are the Different Types of Corporate Video?

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As a savvy entrepreneur, you probably already know that corporate video is one of the most effective, compelling ways to share a company’s message, whether internal or external. There are a wide variety of genres, so it’s helpful to know your options when choosing the right one to highlight your company’s culture, message or recent event.

Let’s take a look at 4 highly effective types of corporate videos that deliver great results.

#1 Corporate Communication Videos

Some of us may remember the bad old days of Xeroxed company wide memos or poorly written (usually lengthy) email communiques outlining policy changes or blanket directives. Thankfully, modern technology has freed us from these antiquated methods of communication. Now companies can use corporate communication videos to tell stories and efficiently inform employees, customers and influencers in a way that’s attention-grabbing and persuasive.

How can your audience fully buy into your product, service or message if they don’t understand--- or worse, lose interest in--- what’s being offered? What better way to get employees to understand and support a new policy than a video message straight from the CEO? If a corporation is restructuring or rolling out a new investor initiative, a well-produced video on the company’s landing page is an effective method for broadcasting the often complex details in a way that’s interesting, cogent and elegant.

Bottom line: if your company has something important to communicate, show your message with a corporate communication video.

#2 Corporate Training Videos

Many companies hire expensive corporate coaches or industrial psychologists to ‘train the trainer’ and teach employees how best to work within the company’s culture.

Other companies spend a fortune on training conferences to help employees understand and apply safety guidelines, new customer service procedures or effective sales techniques.

And what about onboarding new employees? At the very least, many companies must spend days--- weeks even ---rehashing the same information to train each new team member. And lots of employees simply skip the long-winded corporate employee handbook filled with legalese and complicated benefit plan explanations.

A well-conceived, well-produced corporate training video could eliminate all of these costs and headaches in one fell swoop. With this tool, a company can leverage its resources and get employees trained efficiently and consistently in a succinct, engaging way. It’s kind of a no-brainer. Corporate training videos FTW!

#3 Marketing Videos

Customers use multiple screens at different times to access useful information specific to them. To reach them, you need a marketing strategy with a clear, laser-focused message designed to get their attention and keep it.

With video production techniques like animation, time-lapse and 3D imaging, your message gets seen, understood and even shared on social media. If you invest in the process of making an effective, sophisticated video using the latest production trends and technology, you’re more likely to meet your metrics and make your bottom line sing.  

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#4 Corporate Event Videos

You’ve spent months carefully planning each moment of your annual corporate event, and you’ve invested big dollars to make sure it’s as efficient as it is beautiful. You’ve spent countless hours putting together an expensive marketing campaign to publicize and sell tickets. When the event is over, you’ve made great memories, but you don’t have anything to share with future clients and employees.

That’s where a professional, talented and experienced video production crew can help turn one event into years of marketing gold. Imagine showing a prospective client a highlight reel, or a few poignant words from a prominent keynote speaker, or glowing testimonials from guests as they leave the event. Plus, you can use clips from the event to create video invitations to get people excited about attending and sponsoring future events. In just about every significant way, corporate event videos provide a huge return on investment.

If you’re ready to leverage your resources to create one or all of these types of corporate videos, partnering with NextThought Studios could be the smartest move you ever make. We’re experts in best practices for video production, and our talented team and state-of-the-art facilities are what make us leaders in the industry. Click here for an instant quote today.

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Janelle Bevan, M.A.

Janelle Bevan, M.A.

Janelle has produced and project-managed a wide array of videos ranging from corporate commercials to long-form documentaries. While completing her Master’s degree at the University of Oklahoma, she served as the graduate assistant to the department chair for Creative Media. Janelle has worked with many nationally recognized organizations, creating documentaries for the National Association of Broadcasters, designing and editing instructional videos for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and producing the 2015 Broadcast Education Association awards show in Las Vegas. Janelle is a six-time Telly Award winner and won a 2016 Emmy for her documentary featuring a collaboration from three executive producers of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Janelle served as NextThought’s Director of Post-Production and Media Management and helped facilitate over 1,000 videos during her time at NextThought.

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