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7 Ways to Draw Millennials to Your Association

Grow and retain new and happier members by taking your association by welcoming the next generation! Millennials, 25 percent of the workforce, will make up 75 percent by 2025. Set your association apart from the rest.


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The millennial generation is governed by their values: to do meaningful work, to expand their knowledge, and grow their community. Expand and communicate your association’s opportunities and impact today.


Millennials value associations that meet their members where they are and build on their college learning. Embrace technology and provide opportunities for nuanced learning.


It’s easier than ever to communicate with people near and far. Millennials want to be actively involved in the growth and success of things they are involved in. What a great opportunity for your association!


Icon-i-white“Millennial members want your association to succeed. They see that success as their success.”