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A one of a kind, easy to navigate online learning platform.

Designed to create a community of learning, our LMS is visually appealing and easy to use. We bring digital tools for online learning to your fingertips. 

For instructors, creating content is simple. Behind the scenes, our analytics tools track valuable statistics to help make education smarter in the future.

Stay focused on learning, your peers and your content with NextThought LMS.

Features that make collaboration engaging.

Provide a refreshing way to help your users collaborate, learn and build community.

Conversations made easy.

NextThought helps create communities that can participate in selected course content, but that exist separately from the traditional course materials.

We provide multiple, as well as multi-layered, communities.

Your users can create notes, initiate conversations, or respond to comments in all content types, and at almost every location in the platform. These conversations can include text, images, and video, and also allow the markup of images to clarify points in the conversation.

GIFS - Study notes optimized

Quizzes & online assessments.

Testing is always thorough and intuitive for your users with this learning management system.

The NextThought LMS features a wide range of assessment types and options.

Plus, our skilled team of learning designers and developers can also work to create custom tests, quizzes, study materials, and interactivities to meet your specific assessment requirements.

Comprehensive search.

Searching for information should be easy. Good news: It’s built right into the NextThought LMS. Locate information with our comprehensive search function.

In the NextThought platform, participants can see personal and online learning course contacts at all times and can initiate synchronous chat sessions simply by clicking on the name of any contact. They can also network through web-based content discussions and community activity.

It’s simple but powerful.


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eLearning that works like you do.

mobile friendly

Mobile friendly.

Today’s students need their learning materials to be mobile and cloud-based, so everything is available anytime and anywhere - all without compromising the quality of the content. NextThought has optimized its online training platform to provide a smooth user interface with either a traditional computer-based at-home setup or an on-the-go mobile device. Students are free to move, communicate, collaborate, and learn in a way that feels comfortable.


Community building.

At its core, learning is about operating productively within a community. The NextThought training program supports learner engagement and collaboration by extending every piece of content into an opportunity for contextualized conversation. Learn more, share more, and build a rich and inviting community conversation. We provide multiple pathways to create online communication, with powerful features for both small groups and large communities.

flexible analytics

Flexible reporting & analytics.

The NextThought platform allows instructors to track a student’s individual participation and performance within a course of study, while simultaneously allowing students to track their own progress through the coursework. Our learning environment allows instructors to see all aspects of a user’s activity and measure his or her performance against the organization’s learning goals. Every learner and educator is supported along the way by robust reporting and analytics.

Move faster and perform better with NextThought's cloud-based LMS.

NextThought’s learning management system is designed to be the best in the LMS market, full of innovative features and intuitive design. It allows you to create an extended enterprise of eager learners, interacting from anywhere in the world. Where does it come from?

Video Transcription is Included.

Today, the vast majority of videos are viewed with the sound turned down. People use text transcriptions to enhance learning and retention of information. With that in mind, we offer video transcription that keeps the conversation flowing even when audio isn’t part of your flow.

SCORM & xAPI Friendly

The NextThought LMS is built to fully support the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) technical standards. Use the authoring tool to build SCORM right into your work so it merges seamlessly with other projects.

ADA Compliant

The NextThought LMS was carefully built to meet ADA accessibility guidelines and serves learners of diverse needs and abilities. This inclusivity welcomes everyone into the learning experience and keeps your organization fully ADA compliant.

Discover what NextThought's learning management system can offer.

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