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Teams That Learn Together, Thrive Together


10 Benefits From the Social Learning Revolution

The events of 2020 have accelerated what was already lying in wait: the power of social learning among networks of teams. The social learning revolution has officially taken hold and is going to transform some organizations — and leave others behind.

In our latest e-book, “Teams That Learn Together, Thrive Together,” we argue that there are 10 primary benefits to embracing the social learning revolution, including:

  • Formalizing and validating what’s already happening organically
  • Faster course creation and a longer shelf life for content
  • Providing new team members with quick onboarding and learning paths
  • Documenting and retaining the knowledge of your top performers
  • Sharing viewpoints and understanding to aid decision-making and aligning perspectives

Download “Teams That Learn Together, Thrive Together” and take advantage of the revolution while you can.