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Selected Resources for Promoting Student Engagement

NextThought team — October 31, 2018

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Great_Connections_4-2My recent work on student engagement – including our NextThought Power of Connections course and a number of recent presentations – has resulted in frequent requests for recommended resources on the topic. So to make this information more broadly accessible, I decided to post a collection of excellent resources here and to update it regularly.

To provide you with more context – in my presentations on student engagement I emphasize the importance of relevance, agency, and community. This moves us as teachers beyond delivering mere data points into packaging course information in ways that will motivate the students to have a personal interest in the subject matter. And this is what we mean when we refer to "student engagement." Student engagement encourages learners to actively steer their growing knowledge and to take ownership of its direction. And, finally, student engagement fosters and promotes new connections with other learners, mentors, and new communities.

Resources on Promoting Student Engagement

Golden Rules for Engaging Students in Learning Activities – This is a good overview of basic principles that can be applied to any teaching and learning environment. This post also contains a solid bibliography.

Creating Powerful Learning Experiences: Big XII TLC Keynote – Here is an encapsulation of my thoughts on student engagement and how we can transform learning by fostering it in our courses. It includes numerous examples of activities and design approaches for encouraging student engagement.

The 6 Key Drivers of Student Engagement – This is an excerpt from the book Every Child, Every Day: A Digital Conversion Model for Student Achievement, written by a middle school principal. In this article, we get a clear and practical synthesis of how to cultivate student engagement in any learning environment.

What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Student Engagement? – Laura Gibbs is a trailblazer in online learning and her courses focus heavily on student creation. In this post, she discusses her course design philosophy and some of the activities she incorporates into her teaching.

Learning's first principle – the most important thing i learned this year – In this post, Dave Cormier discusses the importance of student motivation in learning and asks, "How do we encourage people to care?"

Harmonizing Learning and Education – Michael Feldstein summarizes the discussion around Dave Cormier's posts on student motivation, and extends the argument with data from the 2014 Gallup Purdue Index Report

Engaging Undergraduate Students in Course Design and Instruction – Jen Ebbeler, Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Texas, discusses how to involve students more directly and purposefully in course design and learning.

Graduation & What It Means To "Model with Mathematics" – Dan Meyer, a master of "modeling" in mathematics, talks about the importance of real-world relevance in our teaching. His approach and model can be applied to any discipline.

Creating Engaging Assignments – Looking for some good case studies for creating student engagement? Here are three from instructors at Bluffton University in Ohio.

Embracing Constraints for Creativity & Innovation – This post explores some of the innovation-through-constraint techniques shared in the 2006 book, The Houdini Solution.

Designing for Connection: Helping Our Students Get Lost – One way to facilitate learner agency in our courses is by allowing students to chart their own learning paths. Frequently, this means letting them get "lost" and discovering their own connections for discovery.

The Promise of Connected Learning – This white paper provides an overview of the pedagogical roots and theory of Connected Learning, and outlines the model's importance in a networked world.

I think you'll find these articles not only enjoyable to read but extremely helpful when creating your own ways of engaging your students in what you're teaching. And stay tuned – I'll be updating the list as I discover more useful resources.

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NextThought team
NextThought team

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