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What Are the Different Types of Corporate Video?

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The Importance of Creating a Storyboard Before Filming

You know you want to use video to increase SEO, increase conversion or get employees excited about a new initiative. But if this is your first video rodeo, you may not know where..

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NextThought Studios’ Janelle Bevan to Speak at AMAOKC

At NextThought Studios, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to video production. As the Head of Video Production, Janelle Bevan ensures that we maintain our commitment..

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NextThought Studios Nominated for an Emmy

At NextThought Studios, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our work and we’re delighted to say that our commitment to excellence has been noticed. We’ve been nominated for..

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5 Employee Engagement Solutions to Implement in Your Business Today

In today’s digital world, it can be difficult to wade through the waters of constant change and information overload. Technology is a very powerful tool and using it to connect..

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Do I Need Professional Talent for My Video?

When one talks about talent for a video production, this typically refers to individuals with the charisma and presence needed to be competent actors for a production. First, What..

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How to Make Engaging Training Videos

One of the biggest struggles with corporate training is getting people to pay attention. The old days of college lectures are long gone. No one wants to sit still and listen to a..

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5 Reasons Why Your Corporate Event Needs a Videographer

If you’ve got a corporate event coming up, you’ll want to capture it with proper corporate event video production, there’s no question about that. Event video coverage is a great..

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