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Animated Marketing

2D Graphics vs. 3D Graphics: Which is More Effective?

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Why Videos are Important in Education

The influence of digital videos on our everyday culture is undeniable. Online video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo boast monthly audience numbers in the billions. With..

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From Snooze to Sizzle: 7 Tips to Boost Learning Video Engagement

Video is motivating and powerful, but why are most learning videos seen as among the most boring and low-impact types of video? “Talking heads,” webinar recordings, and voice-over..

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ELEVATE: 7 Key Reasons to Use Videos for Online Courses

Online education is undergoing a significant transformation in terms of the delivery and consumption of information. Video has become essential in advancing the quality of online..

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Bringing the Classroom to Life: Boosting Student Engagement with Educational Video Production

Technology has transformed the way we learn, and video content is one of the most effective tools for increasing student engagement and deepening understanding. For TCI (Teachers..

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Flexible Learning Design: NextThought Delivers Engaging MBA Course

Having access to education anytime, anywhere has become increasingly important to the average learner. This is especially true for students pursuing an MBA or similar graduate..

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The Learning Video Playbook: 30+ Tips for Making Instructional Videos

Whether you’re incorporating it into your employee onboarding, educational services that you offer, or even your marketing, video content is more valuable than ever. Today, every..

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NextThought Studios Wows Client with Incredible Animated Video Project on Recent Clutch Review

Today, we can see different types of content on both traditional and digital platforms. Campaigns online have been focused on providing creative ways on how they can spread their..

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