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The Video Production Timeline

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Employee Training Video Production: Transform Your Learning and Development

We live in a world where information is just a click away, and learning can happen anywhere, anytime. As the digitization wave sweeps across the corporate world, traditional..

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Unleash the Power of Corporate Training and Onboarding Videos

E-Learning has exploded in popularity in recent years. It’s applicable to and being used in a wide variety of contexts, including higher education, alternative education,..

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6 Tips to Create a Video Script that Will Engage and Educate College Students

Do you need to create an educational video that will be engaging enough to capture the imaginations of busy college students? Are you capable of creating an outstanding video that..

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Dos and Don'ts of Educational Video Creation

Sure, the internet is full of funny cat videos. But did you know educational videos are one of the top 10 types of content on YouTube? People use educational videos to explore new..

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2D Graphics vs. 3D Graphics: Which is More Effective?

Animation connects with people on a deep emotional level, evoking instant feelings of nostalgia, humor, and excitement. People simply love seeing animated graphics - so if your..

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From Snooze to Sizzle: 7 Tips to Boost Learning Video Engagement

Video is motivating and powerful, but why are most learning videos seen as among the most boring and low-impact types of video? “Talking heads,” webinar recordings, and voice-over..

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ELEVATE: 7 Key Reasons to Use Videos for Online Courses

Online education is undergoing a significant transformation in terms of the delivery and consumption of information. Video has become essential in advancing the quality of online..

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