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Improve your organization's training and eLearning content. Stay up-to-date on creative, new opportunities to engage your team with effective training content.

Flexible Learning Design: NextThought Delivers Engaging MBA Course

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How Interactive eLearning Can Skyrocket Engagement

Interactive eLearning is an innovative approach to education that has gained traction in recent years. eLearning has evolved beyond traditional methods of instruction to include..

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5 Suggestions for Using Video in Course Design to Improve Learning

There is little doubt about the effectiveness of video as a tool for improving learning. As researchers noted in a report by Kaltura, a provider of a video technology platform,..

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6 Tips for Digital Learning Content Creation

In 2016, Dan Meyer shared the Desmos guidelines for building great digital math activities. The Desmos curriculum is still widely used today, recently earning a perfect score from..

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NextThought Studios Wows Client with Incredible Animated Video Project on Recent Clutch Review

Today, we can see different types of content on both traditional and digital platforms. Campaigns online have been focused on providing creative ways on how they can spread their..

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NextThought Studios Named One of DesignRush’s Top 30 Video Marketing Agencies

We’re excited to announce that DesignRush has named NextThought one of their top 30 video marketing agencies in 2021! We’re honored by the ir recognition and eager to share the..

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Tips for Video Marketing

Using video as part of your marketing strategy is probably the single most powerful tool you have in your marketing arsenal right now. Since 2016, the power of video has grown..

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How to Effectively Promote Your Event with Social Media

You’ve signed a contract with the venue and booked an amazing keynote speaker. You’ve met with the tech so your lighting and music will be perfect. You’ve got subject matter..

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