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360 Video Production and VR: The Future of Marketing is Immersive

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5 Ways Drone Video Can Impact Your Storytelling

By 2021, one million minutes of video content per second will cross global IP networks. In other words, video has rapidly become one of the most popular ways to communicate, and..

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How To Get the Best Corporate Video Content

Everyone seems to have a corporate video these days. It’s understandable too, since internet video accounts for the highest percentage of internet traffic-- and it’s only growing...

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What Are the Different Types of Corporate Video?

As a savvy entrepreneur, you probably already know that corporate video is one of the most effective, compelling ways to share a company’s message, whether internal or external...

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The Importance of Creating a Storyboard Before Filming

You know you want to use video to increase SEO, increase conversion or get employees excited about a new initiative. But if this is your first video rodeo, you may not know where..

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NextThought Studios’ Janelle Bevan to Speak at AMAOKC

At NextThought Studios, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to video production. As the Head of Video Production, Janelle Bevan ensures that we maintain our commitment..

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How Can Time Lapse Construction Video Sell Your Services?

If you don’t already know how effective video is in a marketing strategy, we’ve got news for you. Video converts better than just about anything else in your marketing toolkit.We..

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How to Sell More With Our Construction Time Lapse Service

Time-lapse video allows you to do more with less— in this case, you can take a months-long construction project and turn it into an easily-digestible two minute video. Watching an..

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